A Call for Storytellers Age 70+

Pones is overjoyed to announce we’ve received a MAP Fund grant to continue producing our piece “Keeping Our Torch: A Multigenerational Movement Experience” MAP Fund invests nationwide in performing artists as the critical foundation of imagining and co-creating a more equitable and vibrant society.

Now, we need stories! Do you know someone 70+ who’d like to share a story about their life with us? Find out more about the process and submit your story HERE.

Stories may be serious, heartfelt, funny, absurd – we are hoping for expression in many genres. 

Our goals with this project are to expand the creative practice; amplify feelings of control and personal meaning-making; amplify intergenerational joy; and, ultimately, challenge societal myths of maturing populations as burdens and aging as a process of deterioration by celebrating the wisdom and vibrancy of older generations.