Canvassed Show ImageWhat color, shape, or word best represents you and your neighborhood? Canvassed explores the idea of community through movement, music, and paint. After taking a deeper look into their surroundings, audiences are prompted to discover their identities, shape their backgrounds, and examine the interactions in their communities through “personified street art.”

Your neighborhood is a unique space. Your community is each other. Your environment is a blank canvas.


If you’re watching Pones, you’re performing with Pones.
-BOOMSLANG Carnival, Lexington, KY

Canvassed Performance ImagePerformed At:
Boomslang Music Festival
ArtsWave: Paint the Street Event

Walk the Moon
Heather Turner
Fractal Fractal
Serenity Fisher


Darnell Benjamin, Ian Forsgren, Matt Geller, Jyreika Guest, Lindsey Jones, Kate Kershaw, Kim Popa, Mark Scherer

Photo Credit: Jeff Burkle