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Pones Inc. is known for using unconventional methods to tackle difficult social themes. You may recall their 2014 award-winning Fringe Festival production Traffick which addressed the topic of human trafficking by stripping the audience of traditional theatre etiquette and delivering highly-evocative creative pieces in a dark church. For its ninth Fringe Festival production, Pones Inc. takes the audience outside the theater and into the streets of Cincinnati. The wonderful murals by ArtWorks and Higher Level Art have made the city an urban art gallery, and Graphic by Pones Inc. aims to extend these backdrops off their walls and into real life by creating six pop-up stages.

Show times:
Wednesday, June 1, 7:45pm
Sunday, June 5, 8:45pm
Wednesday, June 8, 7:45pm
Friday, June 10, 9:00pm
Saturday, June 11, 7:45pm

*Note: this show starts at Know Theatre of Cincinnati and travels throughout a 5-block radius of the theater to 6 murals. The walk totals 1.1 miles from start to finish.

Show length: 70 minutes

The murals already add a rich vibrancy to the streets, and by adding in dance, spoken word, live music, and theatre, we will amplify the impact of the pieces and create deepening feelings of engagement and connection to the community. Graphic focuses on social change and topical awareness of the issues Cincinnati is currently facing. The murals are the inspiration for the pieces, but the works are not always a literal interpretation. Each mural was undertaken by a unique creative team including a writer, director, composer, and choreographer who provide diverse perspectives from the neighborhood. A sample of collaborators include: rapper Abiyah Rawyers, composer Ian Gullet, violinist Preston Bell Charles III, choreographers Ian Forsgren and Kim Popa, music by Dawg Yawp, visual artist Patty Corbett, directors Michael Burnham and Brian Robertson, and writer Derek Snow. Over 34 artists collaborate to take you outside the theater and into the stories behind the paint.

Audience members will receive their ticket and a map to each vignette at the Know Theatre box office. Each stop on the map is another story that prompts conversation, leaving the audience with a call-to-action to start dialogue on social issues currently alive in the city. Pones Inc. will perform outside in public space for all to see, encouraging the general public’s participation. Graphic is another step in Pones Inc.’s mission to make art accessible and encourage the audience to experience dance in new ways.

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A special addition to Graphic
conceptualized and facilitated by Key Beck and Mary Clare Rietz

Front doors in neighborhoods are a place of meeting, the threshold between private life and community, the place where you and I can meet, if you knock and I choose to open, or if I come out and open myself to encountering
whomever might pass by. A mix of people who live and work in Over-the-Rhine will invite such encounters as they perform their experiences of what it is to live in their rapidly changing neighborhood, and engage with audience members to consider challenging questions and issues of real life in Over-the-Rhine.

Resident Performers: Aleeyah Herring, Sun Smith, Willa Jones, Sam Jackson, Alex Dellis-Harcha, Murray, and Melissa Mosby


We hope you were moved by the pieces featured in Graphic and the questions posed in Threshold. The prompts below are meant to remind you of some of the ideas addressed in the production, and we invite you to share your feedback on any or all of them using the comment form below. Thank you for attending!