Live Documentary of Dance!

Live Documentary of Dance Show PosterA dance and multi-media performance that provides an in-depth look into the current state of dance in our society.  A Live Documentary of Dance! is based upon video interviews from over 100 professionals in the dance field, students, and pedestrians.  The show is presented as a ‘live documentary’ making it a living, breathing, collaborative and constantly-changing project that allows viewers a completely unique and participatory theatre experience.

“Succeeds at embodying about every defining characteristic of a Fringe show one might come up with.” -The Conveyor

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LiVe Documentary of Dance Performance Image
Performed At:
Know Theatre: 2010 Cincy Fringe Festival
2011 Indy Fringe Festival
DanceCincinnati 2011

Turmeric: Composer


Darnell Benjamin, Johnny Kyle Cook, Cary Davenport, Allen DeCarlo, Ian Forsgren, Ashley Goos, Kate Kershaw, Lacey Montgomery, Kim Popa

Community Outreach:
parProjects’ kinetic-based exhibition Movement!

Live Documentary of Dance! by Pones Inc. from Pones Inc on Vimeo.