Pones at Home

At Pones, we want to keep everyone safe while still furthering our mission of connecting everyone to and through movement. While we are still socially distancing (distantly socializing), we have developed some new offerings for our community. Email Kim at kim@pones.org for inquiries:

  • YARD WERK: Looking for a creative way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or propose to your love in an unforgettable way? Hire Pones dancers to enhance any special moment – ranging from intimate duets lit by headlights to joyful group disco dance parties. Pones dancers come to your front yard for a socially-distanced dance performance. We bring the party to you in a safe, inspiring, and unique way that only Pones can!
  • VIRTUAL ARTS IN HEALING: As life continues within the Covid pandemic, so can the associated anxiety.. Nearly half (45%) of adults in the United States report that their mental health has been negatively impacted due to worry and stress, and a healthy mind is just as essential to address as your physical health. Pones has an outstanding history of arts in healing movement classes at the VA, Hospice of Cincinnati, Anna Louise Inn, Lindner Center of Hope, and other organizations. We believe that movement is the missing link and can provide classes to your organization, team, group of friends or family to provide relief, catharsis, and healing.
  • DANCER ZOOM POP IN: Did you know you can hire Fiona and a llama to join your Zoom? Well, we have something just as exciting! Hire Pones dancers to pop into your Zoom meeting and bust a move. Any style of dance (ballet, tap, salsa, hip hop, contemporary, etc.) can be requested. We provide the dancers (or dancer), music, and we ALWAYS show up in costume. Add a little levity, creativity, and novelty to your next virtual meeting or happy hour.