October 14-15: REFLECT: A Disco Odyssey at BLINKOctober 14-15:

October 14th and 15th from 7-10:00pm 

Pones turns back the clock to the 1970s at Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati.

“REFLECT: A Disco Odyssey ” will encourage attendees to join in the dance party. This vibrant piece is a callback to the spirit of disco, but as the tempo changes, audiences will be swept up in a frenzy of escapism and reflection upon our current cultural moment. Dancers in illuminated costumes, created by Stacey Vest, will emerge from the blurred lines of time, as we visit the past–and its eerie similarities to the present.

Free, rolling performances each night. ETC’s 1125 Bar will be open and selling drinks.

This #LocalIllumination is part of #BLINK and made possible by ArtsWave. #CincyArts

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