Pones provides artistic opportunities for community growth by creating
engaging new ways for audiences to experience dance and performance art.


We believe art creates powerful change.


Thanks to our Generous Supporters

UpSpring Collaboration

Pones will be providing dance classes for UpSpring’s Year of Passion at Newport Intermediate School. We can’t wait for students to express themselves and their life stories through dance.

William O. Purdy, Jr. Foundation

  • Lormarev Jones, Pones Dancer & Art Finder

    Pones reminds us that we are all dancers – that we all move through the world, navigating through life, architecture, and each other. Pones doesn’t limit itself to the stage; it finds art in all the unique facets of this community.

    Lormarev Jones, Pones Dancer & Art Finder
  • Aiden Sims, Pones Dancer, Actor and Storyteller

    I first connected with Pones when I stage managed Traffick, their 2014 Fringe production. This year, I’m dancing in our upcoming Fringe production of Between 3 and 5. Rehearsals have been exhausting but fun. We are telling stories that are rarely told – often messy stories – about falls from grace. But there is value in these stories, in these people. We all have intrinsic value. I have had a complicated relationship with dance through the years. But with Pones, I feel supported, and part of a community. Pones is helping to rekindle joy. 

    Aiden Sims, Pones Dancer, Actor and Storyteller
  • Jessica Foote, Pones Dancer & Shell Breaker

    I started dancing when I was three, and tumbling when I was seven.  I was super shy in every day life.  But dancing, and being on stage was totally different.  I also loved music, and moving to music.  I found dance to be a way to get out of my shell. I could be anything.  I didn’t realize it could be a career until college, when I saw a dance show and everything clicked. Why Pones?  I love dancing with people who aren’t afraid to get out of their comfort zones.

    Jessica Foote, Pones Dancer & Shell Breaker