Laboratory of Movement

Laboratory of Movement is dedicated to bringing arts education and experiences to community members, including youth, business professionals, Hospice patients, persons in recovery, veterans, and teachers. Programming includes classes for in-school, after-school, at community centers, medical buildings, and corporate offices. In 2018 – 2019, our programs reached 6,000 youth and over 800 adults at 32 schools and organizations. Even during the pandemic Pones continued to serve the community in-person and virtually from 2019-2020; Pones reached over 900 individuals and had almost 3,000 contact hours with students of all ages.

All programs are available in-person, live virtually, pre-recorded virtually, or a mix! Classes available during the day, after school, evenings, and weekends. Programs are $100 per hour and grant funding is available if needed. Please email to book classes and ask about grant funding.


Health care and social services: Anna Louise InnInterfaith Hospitality NetworkHospice of Cincinnati, Cincinnati VA Medical Center, Lindner Center of Hope, Found Village, TriHealth Good Samaritan Hospital, Housing Authority of Covington – City Heights, Carmel Manor, StoryPoint Union, Cancer Support Community, local libraries, and UpSpring.

Education: Newport High School, Woodfill Elementary, Covington Independent Schools, Newport Intermediate, and Holmes High School.

Arts: Cincinnati Arts Association and The Carnegie.

Youth Focused

Pones is committed to providing arts education to youth of all ages and experience levels. Students participating in our hands-on, active, and creative classes have the opportunity to absorb and retain knowledge in a new and exciting way. Through arts education, students can improve their presentation abilities, increase collaboration with others, develop creative problem-solving capabilities, and gain confidence in themselves. Pones’ youth focused programs include trauma informed care, social emotional learning (SEL) outcomes, such as setting and achieving positive goals, and feeling and showing empathy to each other, which benefit every participant in the program.

Arts in Healing

Pones has partnered with the Cincinnati Arts Association on the Arts in Healing initiative for over four years. The program’s mission is to enhance the medical experience of patients through the arts, practice and investigate the use of the arts in healing, and build community around the arts, health, and medicine. We have partnerships with the Cincinnati Veterans Administration Medical Center, Hospice of Cincinnati, The Anna Louise Inn, UpSpring, and Housing Authority of Covington. Past partners include: Lindner Center of Hope, City Gospel Mission, and Interfaith Hospitality Network, and Found Village.

Professional Development

Professional development for teachers, providing techniques for use of arts integration with core content ­ e.g., teaching history using “Dancing through the Ages” to highlight significant periods not only in the art, but also in the fashion, economy, significant events, and politics of an era. A particular strength of this LOM offering is Ms. Popa’s expertise in National Arts Standards, as well as her 5 years experience as a classroom teacher at Walton Verona High School and 20 years of dance instruction expertise.

Corporate Wellness

Pones’ workshops for corporations and organizations deliver success through Creative WellnessTeam Wellness, and Physical Wellness. It’s a perfect team-building experience to truly engage your employees and get them moving together in a new direction. These workshops provide a unique bonding opportunity which can help your team see things from a different perspective and find common ground by sharing a new and fun experience.