Laboratory of Movement

Laboratory of Movement is dedicated to bringing arts education and experiences to the entire community from underserved youth, to business professionals, Hospice patients, persons in recovery, veterans, and teachers. Programming includes classes for in-school, after-school, at community centers, medical buildings, and corporate offices. In 2017-18, our programs reached 6,500 youth at 30 schools and 725 adults at 7 venues.

Our current partnerships include: the Cincinnati Arts Association, The Carnegie,YMCA, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Cincinnati Public Schools, Covington Independent Schools, UpSpring, SkoolAid, Girl Scouts, Children’s Home of Cincinnati, and local libraries.

LOM: Youth Focused
Pones educational facet, is dedicated to bringing arts education to under­served youth in schools and community centers. Programming includes four distinct classes for in school, after school, and community…  Read More

LOM: Youth Focused Programs supported by the Charles H. Dater Foundation.      

LOM: Arts in Healing
Pones has partnered with the Cincinnati Arts Association on the Arts in Healing initiative for the past three years. The program’s mission is to enhance the medical experience of patients through the arts, practice and investigate… Read More

LOM: Professional Development
Professional development for teachers, providing techniques for use of arts integration with core content ­ e.g., teaching history using “Dancing through the Ages” to highlight significant periods not only in the art, but also in the fashion, economy…  Read More

LOM: Suits on the Move
A perfect team-building experience to truly engage your employees and get them moving together in a new direction. These workshops provide a unique bonding opportunity…  Read More

If you’d like more information on how to work with us, please contact Jackie Smith.

Thank you to all of the schools, organizations, and companies that are partnering with us now or have in the past. We truly appreciate the connection we made with you and value what we created together. Click to view all LOM Partnerships.