Pones In Public

Pones in Public springs from the belief that dance can happen anywhere. By inviting communities to experience movement, we create a space to connect, engage, and enjoy the transformative power of dance.

There is no ‘typical’ Pones in Public experience, but here are examples of the many ways this program can be shaped to best serve your needs

Site-Specific Dancing

Site-specific dancing can happen anywhere, from public transportation, libraries, grocery stores, and parks to festivals, community centers and cultural events!  With Pones, spaces come alive, encouraging connections and blurring boundaries through a shared experience of dance.  Past collaborations include: Cincinnati Art Museum, TANK, ArtWorks, IKEA, Contemporary Art Center, The Center for Great Neighborhoods, Taft Museum, BLINK, and Great Parks of Hamilton County. A Pones Site-Specific Dance Experience:

  • Promotes welcoming, belonging and understanding
  • Empowers people to express themselves creatively
  • Enlivens public spaces and grassroots, pedestrian places
  • Builds community through partnerships, addressing community-identified needs
  • Engages everyone, making art and physical activity accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ability, background, or identity

“As soon as you guys started dancing the whole vibe changed on the streetcar…people were laughing and everyone relaxed. You really made such an impact there!” -Passenger reaction after riding with Pones on board

Parties and Special Events

Parties and special events including pop-up performances and flash mobs for weddings, fundraisers, and other events. Our dancers get your party started, and keep it going. Whatever your event, we want to make it as special as possible for you and your guests.

“The flash mob routine was exactly what we were looking for and it was obvious all the performers really love what they do which I think got the crowd even more into it.” – Lauren, First Financial Bank Opening

Customizable Events

Customizable – A Pones in Public experience can be designed around a theme and created to engage all (or specific) ages, interests and abilities with a variety of genres and styles of dance. Whatever your dream or vision is, we want to help make it a reality! Pones in Public invites you and your organization to step in and start something.

“Kim and I worked very closely together to bring the exhibition to life through performances and photography. I like that she was able to think outside the box.” – Kaitlyn, Cincinnati Art Museum