Erin Carr loves teaching with Pones because they are focused on moving the community forward, both literally and figuratively. Pones believes that through movement we can find our self-expression and they provide these opportunities for all ages – whether it is for veterans or for students trying to grasp new math techniques, Pones uses dance and movement to connect individuals to themselves and their class/community. “It’s an honor to work with an artistic company that truly walks the talk.”

Ernaisja Curry “Dance is everything! It is a beautiful gift and passion that will always give me life. I believe the best way to express ourselves and connect with others is through the universal language of movement!”

Ian Forsgren finds it a privilege to be part of the Pones education team. Teaching over the years has provided Ian with countless opportunities to expand his own knowledge, share meaningful experiences and help create connections in a myriad of communities. From young children to adults of all shapes, backgrounds, and experience, Pones always enables Ian to explore and create connections in new and exciting ways through movement and dance, his favorite way to grow and learn with everyone!

To Jackie Smith Pones is all about movement. Of course it’s about moving your body, but it’s so much more than that. Through Pones’ programs we help move people’s spirits, moods, social consciousness, and perspectives. As a teaching artist for Pones, Jackie has the opportunity to experience and help our community get up and get moving!

Donna LOM

Donna Rubin discovered her love of dance as a teenager when she started training in ballet, jazz and modern in Pittsburgh. She continued dedicated studies while earning her BFA in theater performance at CCM. Post undergrad she created choreography and direction for numerous productions in greater Cincinnati and later in SF. While living in SF she immersed herself in the wealth of dance training and performance opportunities available there. Donna has been working with children creatively throughout her life. She receives great joy in her work as a teaching artist for Pones and is honored to have helped develop a movement class for Pones’Art’s in Healing program, where she teaches healing movement to veterans. Donna believes Dance to be a powerful tool of Healing, Community, and Liberation.

Amy in air

Amy Tuttle is a passionate practitioner of Arts & Healing. She grew up in the dance community- studying ballet, jazz, and modern dance from childhood. She views dance & creative movement as beneficial tools for communities and individuals to process difficult experiences, build resilience, and cultivate their sense of purpose. Tuttle is thrilled to be teaching with Pones!

Julie Locker‘s career in the performing arts began with ballet classes when she was four years old, so she understands the power of arts education to change hearts and minds. She is proud to teach with Pones because she gets to see so much diversity in her classes, and because she teaches not just technique, but the use of movement to express inner truth.

Hattie LOM

Hattie Clark finds it an honor to teach with Pones. She began dancing later in life and found it to be a form of expression she has needed. Teaching through Pones allows her to share this love of dance with others and to let individuals know it’s never too late to start dancing.