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Welcome New Board Member Alexandra Kesman!

Pones is excited to welcome a new board member to our Board of Directors: Alexandra Kesman. Alexandra joined us because:

“The work Pones does is exactly what I think art needs to be right now in this world. To use theatre, dance, performance art and collaboration to build community and create change. At it’s heart, Pones is innovation and always finds a new way to do things. My theatre education was anything but traditional, mostly devised and rooted in social justice and change so everything Pones does speaks to me very deeply. I see myself furthering Pones work by providing knowledge on all aspects of running a nonprofit organization, business processes, leadership, and especially with technical software and data management. I have watched Pones grow as an organization since the early years of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival and it has been a joy to see it grow and thrive and I am excited to be a part of furthering their mission.”

Headshot Mini-Sessions with Mikki Schaffner

May 23rd from 1:30-5:30pm

Facebook Link:

Here is your opportunity for INSPIRING headshots made quick and easy, with AMAZING photographer Mikki Schaffner Photography. Choose a session and receive 30 minutes of studio time and 5-10 images provided via digital download for just $100.00. Mikki’s website will also allow for buying prints if you wish.

Step 1: Use the Tickets link to make your reservation. Please only choose one time slot and do not choose a time slot that has already been taken.Step 2: Submit your fee to Pones Venmo (@Pones) with the Note: Headshots or via PayPal with the links found here:

Apply for Outside Dances for Inside Joy: Bring Joy during the Pandemic

Send your nomination in TODAY! Pones would like to partner with YOU to spread some joy in our “Outside Dances for Inside Joy” initiative. Nominate your friend/loved one/neighbor, sharing why they need or deserve some joy, and we will source their favorite song and make signage to celebrate. Then a group of dancers will come to dance and spread a little joy, outside this special person’s window. Send your nomination via private message on Instagram or Facebook or by emailing today.